Our Story ....

The origin of Storey's Sweet Memories dates back over seventy years to 1937.  James Storey who managed a local grocery store in Ogden, Utah was approaced by a German immigrant who said he built and lost three fortunes in the pickle business in the old country.  He was looking for a partner with the idea of starting a fourth pickle company. 

Although James didn't have much money, he had four young sons and the idea of providing a business opportunity for his family interested him.  So in the Spring of 1937, in a basement area of what is now an Ogden cafe, Ogden Pickle Compay and Storey Food Products was born. 

The German immigrant had the experience and James and his boys provided the labor and limited capital.  They soon outgrew the basement area and in 1938 moved to another location and also started growing their own cucumbers on five acres of land. 

In 1939, The German friend picked up and left town, never to be heard from again.  In order for James to protect his investment, he quit his grocery job and went into the pickle business full time.  The pickle business was moved to the basement of his home and wooden barrels full of pickles were kept in the backyard, a double garage and a large shed.

The company took over a building of its own that same winter - an abandoned rubber processing plant with room to expand near the railroad tracks and close to other food processors.  In 1946, the structure caught fire and was almost completely destroyed.   Although a discouraging time, James with the help of his wife Irene, his brothers and his boys, rebuilt a bigger, better plant.

Within a few years, Storey Food Products became well known especially in Northern Utah producing all kinds of pickles and condiments including sauerkraut and catsup.  The main stay however, was a distictively colored and flavored sweet candided pickle called Sweet Memories. (No one can seem to remember how the family arrived at the name of Sweet Memories)

James died in 1961 and left the business to his sons.  The boys had grown and other careers and opportunites appealed more to them than the pickle business.  The youngest boy Frank and his wife Marian attempted to keep the business growing.  However, in 1963 the economic reality of providing a living from a small business forced the company to discontinue operations. 

Many former customers dissapointed in not being able to purchase Sweet Memories prompted Frank and Marian to outsource the production of the pickles to a national producer in 1967.  However, because the volume wasn't enough to make it worth their while, this only lasted a short period of time.

For the last thirty years or so, primarily to keep the distinctive pickles available to loyal customers and keep a family tradition alive, Frank and Marian with the help of their children and grandchildren hand pack Sweet Memories each month in a small facility in Kaysville, Utah.